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Ellerby family of Moggill

Herbert Ellerby lived in Piccadilly, Manchester and in the 1841 census, his occupation is listed as a bookbinder. He married Sarah Askew in December 1845 and they arrived in Sydney aboard the Lima on 17 October 1849 (with the Twine and Sexton families). The Moreton Bay Courier then reported a curious case on 9 February 1850. Henry had engaged the steamboat Tamar to bring passengers to Brisbane for “a stipulated sum for himself and for his luggage”. Two passengers had “resisted” an extra charge for merchandise, so Henry sued them in the Small Debt Court and wonNote 1.

A little later, an article in the same newspaper on the growth of cotton (7 August 1852) noted that a “Mr Ellerby of Moggill Creek proposes to put 14 acres of his land under cotton cultivation” and in 1853 he appears in the Electoral List for the County of Stanley. In 1854, their daughter, Jessie Elizabeth, was born.


1.     A G Davies in his paper read to the Historical Society of Queensland in 1935 refers to the arrival of the Lima into Moreton Bay (after leaving Sydney) with cabin passengers including “Mr. and Mrs. Ellerby and child, Mrs.Ellerby Senr,” (SMH 18 October 1849). It left Sydney on 23 October with the same passengers (SMH 24 Oct 1849) so it is not clear why Herbert had hired the steamboat Tamar for the trip up from Sydney. In fact, in 1928 the The Brisbane Courier reported that a Mr Henry Buckley has chartered the Tamar for the very purpose of transporting the passengers from Sydney. In subsequent correspondence, Herbert Ellerby reported the “conduct of Dr Lang as cruel and unjust in the extreme … many of the passengers themselves have been victimized to an considerable extent” (SMG 31 December 1849). The Lima arrived in Moreton Bay two days after the Mount Stuart Elphinstone which was carrying convicts and which began an anti-transportation movement in Brisbane (The Brisbane Courier 21 July 1928).

2.     The Sydney Morning Herald of 28 July 1900 lists the Ellerby, Twine and Sexton families all aboard the Lima.

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